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Rise for Peace with Srimati Shahina Lakhani

July 5, 2015

Imani interviews Srimati Shahina Lakhani about her amazing Global Peace Event, divinely inspired by 9-11. You can feel the spirit moving as these sisters of the soul discuss the critical need for peace NOW.

Srimati Shahina Lakhani is a Soul coach, speaker and author. She has a Masters degree in nursing. She is a Master practitioner of Neurolinguistic programming, Certified Theta Healing Practitioner and Certified Angelic Life Coach. She is also an intuitive and has the honor of connecting with various angels and ascended masters. Shahina connects with the innate wisdom of these sacred beings to help people move forward on their life’s path. (Shahina’s training, her ferocious reading habit, her work with the dying, her life own experiences of loss, and her battle with depression taught her what is precious and crucial for a happy, vibrant, joyful and peaceful life.) She teaches easy, practical life skills and simple to follow strategies that work in real time and in the physical realm to release suffering, to empower you, to integrate your inner fragments and create a flow of happiness, peace, purpose and prosperity through your soul into your physical existence. 
Contact Srimati on FaceBook or via email: slakhani7860@gmail.com 

Imani Evans
Empowered Women Radio
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