Rise for Peace with Srimati Shahina Lakhani

July 5, 2015

Imani interviews Srimati Shahina Lakhani about her amazing Global Peace Event, divinely inspired by 9-11. You can feel the spirit moving as these sisters of the soul discuss the critical need for peace NOW.

Srimati Shahina Lakhani is a Soul coach, speaker and author. She has a Masters degree in nursing. She is a Master practitioner of Neurolinguistic programming, Certified Theta Healing Practitioner and Certified Angelic Life Coach. She is also an intuitive and has the honor of connecting with various angels and ascended masters. Shahina connects with the innate wisdom of these sacred beings to help people move forward on their life’s path. (Shahina’s training, her ferocious reading habit, her work with the dying, her life own experiences of loss, and her battle with depression taught her what is precious and crucial for a happy, vibrant, joyful and peaceful life.) She teaches easy, practical life skills and simple to follow strategies that work in real time and in the physical realm to release suffering, to empower you, to integrate your inner fragments and create a flow of happiness, peace, purpose and prosperity through your soul into your physical existence. 
Contact Srimati on FaceBook or via email: slakhani7860@gmail.com 

Imani Evans
Empowered Women Radio
Executive Producer

Interview with Claudia Moss - Author & Poet (To Honor The Heart)

June 1, 2015
A wonderful opportunity to discuss Claudia's upcoming anthology, To Honor The Heart. Listen to her amazing journey toward her own survivor story and how she hopes to give voice to others. What a lively discussion!!!

CLAUDIA MOSS is a soul who manifests as a lover of life, people, and travel. She is a writer, who is the author of two novels (DOLLY: THE MEMOIRS OF A HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE: an adolescent novel and IF YOU LOVE ME, COME: a contemporary romance novel). She is the creator of Miss Wanda B. Wonders, a character who is the protagonist in the Wonders series (WANDA B. WONDERS SPEAKS HER MIND, WANDA B. SINGS THE BAILOUT BLUES and WANDA B. TAKES THE CAKE). Claudia released her premiere poetry collection, SOFT TSUNAMI in 2012. Her work can be found on Amazon.
She is currently at work on writing her first novella, a collection of monologues and a third novel, NOT WITHOUT PASSION. Claudia is also compiling an anthology tentatively entitled, TO HONOR THE HEART. It is a collection of triumphant women's voices on surviving and thriving after rape.
Find Claudia here: 

Masculinity Misunderstood: The Conversation Continues Pt. 4 of 4

May 27, 2015

The final episode does not disappoint...Dani Harris hits it out of the park with the importance of becoming the "I"--He says love begins with the love of self first and everything else emanates from there. Yes! Kofi highlights the critical importance of community collaborations and alliances. The panel shares resources, last words of wisdom and contact information for the way forward. We cannot thank you all enough for this enlightening conversation. Dani HarrisKofi Adoma and Eli Strong.

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Creator/Executive Producer: Imani Evans
Communications Director/Co-Producer: Michelle Dowell-Vest

The work continues! Thank you for listening.

Masculinity Misunderstood: The Conversation Continues Pt. 3 of 4

May 26, 2015

In part 3 Eli Strong kicks off the discussion with vulnerability and authenticity around sex as a gateway to dispelling the myths about sex, gender and masculinity. You truly can't miss part 3! Tune in and share with others. Panel: Dr. Kofi Adoma, Eli Strong and Dr. Dani Harris, hosted by Imani Evans & Michelle Dowell-Vest of Women Healing Women, Inc.www.surviving2thriving.org

Masculinity Misunderstood: The Conversation Continues Part 3. 

Masculinity Misunderstood: The Conversation Continues Pt. 2 of 4

May 26, 2015

In part 2 the panel begins by offering some definitions around the assumptions of the letters in the alphabet soup of the LGBTQI community. What does it mean to transgender, masculine of center and intersex? 

Join this phenomenal panel for PART 2 OF 4: THE CONVERSATION CONTINUES with Eli Strong, Dani Harris, Kofi Adoma hosted by Imani Evans with Michelle Dowell-Vest. 

Masculinity Misunderstood: The Conversation Continues Pt. 1 of 4

May 26, 2015
A dynamic panel comprised of community advocates, activists and educators discuss the complex issue of masculinity and the intersection of gender identity, sexual orientation and negotiating space in the LGBTQI community. Dr. Kofi Adoma, Eli Strong and Dr. Dani Lee Harris are interviewed by Imani Evans and Michelle Dowell-Vest of Women Healing Women, Inc. You do not want to miss any part of this 4 part series.

“It is imperative for us, the LGBTQ community, to begin a serious dialogue and plan of  action to redefine masculinity for ourselves. The affects of a culture that has been saturated with hyper-masculinity and misogyny are deeply dangerous. It has distorted everything from the way we love, build families and navigate our spaces. It jeopardizes the more than gender consciousness…it violates our very humanity.” –Imani Evans


Reaching for Hope: Uncovering the Darkness of Depression with host Imani Evans

December 21, 2014

WOW! This was an amazing conversation that gave clinical insights, resources, as well as experiential truths of recovery and hope! A powerful roundtable conversation among women who are both survivors and professionals working to dispel the myths and stigma about depression. Don’t miss this wonderful resource and dialogue. Panelists: Imani Evans (host); Ebony Huckabee, LPC; Tanya White, Healing Touch Therapist. LISTEN THROUGH TO THE END...IT JUST MIGHT SAVE A LIFE! CONTACT: Imani Evans, www.imanievans.com, @ImaniPower on twitter; Ebony Huckabee, Email:raphaccsllc@gmail.com www.raphaccs.com; Tanya White can be found on Facebook, or at loveheals1@yahoo.com. Nya Akoma!


Imani interviews Alexandra Pelosi on WRFG 89.3 FM

November 14, 2014

I had the wonderful opportunity  to serve as guest host on a show entitled, the Lamda Report on WRFG 89.3 FM. As an additional honor I  had the chance to interview journalist and documentary film maker Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of Nancy Pelosi. As an aspiring documentary film maker myself, this was a tremendous treat and Alexandra did not disappoint. Listen in and share: http://www.alexandrapelosi.com/ www.wrfg.org