Empowered Women Radio

Masculinity Misunderstood: The Conversation Continues Pt. 1 of 4

May 26, 2015
A dynamic panel comprised of community advocates, activists and educators discuss the complex issue of masculinity and the intersection of gender identity, sexual orientation and negotiating space in the LGBTQI community. Dr. Kofi Adoma, Eli Strong and Dr. Dani Lee Harris are interviewed by Imani Evans and Michelle Dowell-Vest of Women Healing Women, Inc. You do not want to miss any part of this 4 part series.

“It is imperative for us, the LGBTQ community, to begin a serious dialogue and plan of  action to redefine masculinity for ourselves. The affects of a culture that has been saturated with hyper-masculinity and misogyny are deeply dangerous. It has distorted everything from the way we love, build families and navigate our spaces. It jeopardizes the more than gender consciousness…it violates our very humanity.” –Imani Evans

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