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Interview with Claudia Moss - Author & Poet (To Honor The Heart)

June 1, 2015
A wonderful opportunity to discuss Claudia's upcoming anthology, To Honor The Heart. Listen to her amazing journey toward her own survivor story and how she hopes to give voice to others. What a lively discussion!!!

CLAUDIA MOSS is a soul who manifests as a lover of life, people, and travel. She is a writer, who is the author of two novels (DOLLY: THE MEMOIRS OF A HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATE: an adolescent novel and IF YOU LOVE ME, COME: a contemporary romance novel). She is the creator of Miss Wanda B. Wonders, a character who is the protagonist in the Wonders series (WANDA B. WONDERS SPEAKS HER MIND, WANDA B. SINGS THE BAILOUT BLUES and WANDA B. TAKES THE CAKE). Claudia released her premiere poetry collection, SOFT TSUNAMI in 2012. Her work can be found on Amazon.
She is currently at work on writing her first novella, a collection of monologues and a third novel, NOT WITHOUT PASSION. Claudia is also compiling an anthology tentatively entitled, TO HONOR THE HEART. It is a collection of triumphant women's voices on surviving and thriving after rape.
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